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A sort of instrumental (some shows there are vocals sometimes not) band that started in February of 2004, by a couple of high school kids and a skateshop owner. Being only fifteen years old and just learning about bands such as Slint, June of '44 , and Shellac, the group was young and full of diverse inspiration. Some of the early songs sounded like bad modest mouse rip offs without vocals. If anyone attended an early show it was possible that you could have fallen asleep. the group split ways with Matt Tucker(formerly of Cinderblock, Evergreen, and The Glasspack) and guitarist Sloan Hilburn left shortly thereafter , leaving only a three piece. The drumming switched hands from Chris Meachum to Matthew O'Connell in the summer of 2005 and the group took a step in the right direction, recording a four track e.p. with Chris Owens called "Urgent Four" (referring to how short the cd was[4 songs a total of 8 minutes and 47 seconds]). After some personal differences the band played it's last show on November 5th before undergoing a Massive lineup change. The final lineup included Sean Roberts on drums, Duncan Cherry on bass, and David Brooks on guitar. The group recorded a 7 song EP with Chris In January of 2006 called "Good With Numbers". They returned to HBKYMM in the summer of the same year to record their full-length, "Middle Class". They disbanded in November 2006, leaving the album unreleased.

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