Rainbow Blossom

From Louisville Punk/Hardcore History

This locally-owned natural food store chain has fed and employed many Louisville scene kids for almost as long as the scene has existed.

Rainbow Blossom currently has three locations, two in the East End of town and the flagship store on Lexington Road.

Some people who have worked there - in chronological order:

and many more

At one time Corey Smith, Jason Balicki, Jeremy Holehan, Thommy Browne and Robby Scott all worked there at the same time, thus causing much havoc. One any given day you could find them jumping off the roof of the store in the cardboard dumpster, getting in food fights and annoying other co-workers (PURPLE!). If you were lucky you would've been invited to the sunday morning vegetarian breakfasts. Corey Smith could make some amazing veggie chili. Good times!