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SR Fest Poster by Safe Media

SR Fest occured on Saturday, August 20th, 2005 on Louisville's Belvedere (5th & Main). Scheduled to be as seen on the poster (right), the fest ended up seeing bands cancel and new ones put on last minute (as is typical with a "fest"). Sadly, after only 4 bands were able to play, a quickly-gathering thunderstorm broke in and washed out the show, driving away the scant number of people who were attending the event. Of the maybe 50 people there (the number includes helpers, organizers, and bands), maybe 20 were still around when the rain cleared. As Ayin was ready to take to the stage, their singer disappeared and the fest was called to a 6-hour early close.

Bands to actually play:

Bands to break up or cancel right before the fest:

Bands that remained after the rain:

Bands that got to play at Jeff's house later on: