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sancred Stats
sancred logo
Record Labels: Slamdek, ?
Started By: Adam, Scott, Ned
Largest show: 820
Last show: August 1995
Reunion show: 1995
Number of Members: 6

Sancred was a post-hardcore/rock band somewhat reminiscent of Erchint during the early 1990s. They enjoyed success during the days of the Machine and soon after Steve Goetschius left for school to Murry State in the fall of 1993, they disbanded.

There was a sold out reunion show in 1994 at Tewligans then another in 1996 which was heavily hyped up, and when it came time for Sancred to play, only two of the members got on stage. They proceeded to play nothing which could be remotely mistaken for a Sancred song, and generally pissed everyone off that came to see them. Thus searing their legacy in Louisville punk history for years to come.