Short Street Lounge

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A short lived 21+ venue that hosted mainly college-rock and radio-rock bands along with the occassional (ok, every weekend) nu-metal band. They opened their doors to all ages shows in the summer of 2005, shortly before closing at the end of October.

KY/OH Bands To Play There:

National Bands To Play There:

  • Bobaflex
  • Hogscraper
  • Unearth
  • Nora
  • A Life Once Lost
  • The Classic Struggle
  • Evergreen Terrace
  • Winter Solstice
  • As Cities Burn
  • The Burning Season
  • Embrace Today
  • War Of Ages
  • Society's Finest
  • Mortal Treason
  • Anam Cara
  • The Battle Royale
  • Subseven
  • Chasing Victory
  • Lennon
  • Steven Pearcy (of RATT)
  • Inked in Blood
  • Life In Your Way
  • Black My Heart
  • Twelve Gauge Valentine
  • Some Girls
  • Death Comesto Matteson