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Squarewell Stats
squarewell logo
Record Labels: shrodinger records / engineer records / millipede records
Started By: jeff drake and martin kehl
Based In: Louisville
First show: nov. 2003
Largest show: 6 million people
Last show: N/A
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 4

Review on emoisdead.com
If I was mean I would call Squarewell names by saying this band just makes the shitty jock rock, people call emo nowadays. They're lucky I gave their CD a listen and found out Squarewell have nothing to do with Taking AFI On A Thursday. Nothing. It's emotional, yes. It's rock, yay. It's good, no question. One shouldn't praise the past but this american band has the dower to write songs that fit very much into the Quicksand era. Every song is a small hymn of its own. No wishy washy and no fillers. I wonder what the singer talks about in the lyrics because often I think I miss the point, but the words are chosen very well and create nice metaphors. The crux of the record is, and I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse, that it doesn't sound like you can get big with it. It's too honest and doesn't give a shit about trends. A lot of people will like it, but it will be hard to reach the scenesters. - emoisdead.com -

Band Site - http://www.squarewell.com



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