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A dynamically apocolyptic band with huge amounts of short delay and clever crescendos. Powerfully and provokingly beautiful. They were usually pretty fucking dark and mind-bending. Unfairly compared to Slint and Rodan. Early on they covered "Prophecy Theme" by Brian Eno from the film Dune and later "Back in New York City" by Genesis from "the Lamb Lays Down on Broadway" album w/ Shelby McDowell III on vocals and Pete Petersen on organ. A free CD recorded by Kevin Ratterman was given away at the door of their last Show. RIP.


Strike City on myspace - MP3s of "Phonographic Memory" and "Social Faux Pas"

Band Members:

Other members include:

Influences: Pink Floyd, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, King Crimson, This Heat, Cheer-Accident, CAN

Played shows with: