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Ten to Midnight Stats
Ten to Midnight Logo
Record Labels: None yet.
Started By: Jason Graves and Bobby Nunn
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 400 people
Last show: N/A
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 8
Booking: booking@tentomidnight.com

The Midnight Five came together in early 2002, shortly after the breakup of The Rock Process. The Process' Bobby Nunn and Jason Graves recruited Jason Sparks on guitar, and soon thereafter picked up Joe Meredith on bass and Tim Ofcacek on vocals. The band's first incarnation played a unique brand of hardcore punk. This lineup played two shows in the summer of 2002 before Bobby left to pursue school.

Sean Johnson, formerly of Oslo and Five Hours, began playing with the band in September, and they were playing out again by Halloween. The new addition pointed the band in a more focused direction, and they quickly headed into more rock and roll territory. The song "Caroline" was recorded on Super Bowl Sunday 2003 for Shawn Severs' Sailin' On compilation.

By that summer, the band had written several songs, and Ben Verellen (of Roy and Harkonen) recorded the band in Sean and Graves' parents' garages. Five of those songs went on to become the band's first demo.

The band continued to play out around town and began developing a more complex and nuanced sound and In early summer of 2004, Jason Graves left the band on good terms, deciding that he wanted his rock and roll dirty. The Midnight continued on as a four-piece for one show, and then enlisted Matt Filip to pick up where Graves had left off.

A new demo was recorded in October 2004 with Kevin Ratterman and is now available at shows. Joe quit to focus on The Merediths after the record was completed and Sam Lyons has now stepped in to take his place.

The band is currently recording their full-length album themselves.

Lineup One (Spring-Summer 2002):

Lineup Two (Fall 2002-Summer 2004):

Lineup Three (Summer-Fall 2004):

Lineup Four (Fall-Winter 2004):

Lineup Five (Winter 2004-???):




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