The Asscheeks

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The Asscheeks were one of the greatest joke bands of the Primizee's scene. Formed to play Minor Threat's "I Don't Wanna Hear it" one night inbetween bands with random people from the audience, it was a total debacle. Two singers, a guitarist that didn't know power chords, a bassist that had only played the song once or twice before, and a drummer that was drunk as shit. It resulted in good times, and the band branched out with only one rule - that if the Asscheeks were to perform, then at least 3 of the original members would have to be present.

The band went on to play the Minor Threat cover, a couple of other songs, and a great cover of The Revenants' "sometimes they come back" where the lyrics were changed to The Hokey Pokey. The Revenants didn't seem to appreciate the humor in that at first, but they caught on to the 'Cheeks shenanigans, as did many others that were not run out of the room.

In 1997, they competed in the "Louisville Worst Band Contest" against many others, and sadly lost. What is also sad is that this entry is 5 times longer than entries for a lot of bands that were considered "real" bands. The Asscheeks win.



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