The Blowup in Japanese

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Blowup in Japanese Stats
[[Image:|BUIJ logo]]
Record Labels: N/A
Formed By: Andy Sturdevant, Dave Wolkensperg and Nate Sturdevant
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: "Cash & Clash for Cash" WFPK benefit, Pheonix Hill Tavern, September 2000
First show: Twice Told, February 2000
Last show: Barretones, March 2002
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 7

The Blowup in Japanese formed in the eastern Louisville suburb of Barbourmeade in 1998 by three childhood friends obsessed with the Who, the Velvet Underground, Richard Hell, and the Ventures. In early 2000, much of the band relocated to the Highlands, and they played their first show at the now-defunct Twice Told Coffeehouse on Bardstown Road. Throughout the next two years, their brand of loud, sloppy garage-pop rattled the teeth of the dozens of Louisvillians lucky enough to see them live, primarily at the Brycc House and the Rudyard Kipling. Cycling through several lineups and playing two or three shows a month throughout most of 2000 and 2001, they drew a small following of cranky music historians, excitable teenagers, serious musicians who regarded their unchecked enthusiasm as amusing, and others who were interested in hearing super-sloppy pop music. After the band's breakup in 2002, Dennis Sheridan continued to play with the Blue Goat War, and then went on to form Follow the Train. Bradley Coomes founded the Pine Club with members of the MaeKates, and Andy Sturdevant joined the Rednails. Nate Sturdevant and Dave Wolkensperg continued to play occassionally as Nate the Viking featuring Dave. Their sole recorded legacy is an EP recorded with Kevin Ratterman that remains unreleased.


First lineup (1998-2000):

Second lineup (2000-2001):

  • Andy Sturdevant, vocals and percussion
  • Dave Wolkensperg, rhythm guitar
  • Dennis Sheridan, lead guitar and vocals
  • Emelia Marx-Carman, bass and vocals
  • Nate Sturdevant, drums

Third lineup (2001-2002):

  • Andy Sturdevant, vocals and percussion
  • Dave Wolkensperg, rhythm guitar
  • Bradley Coomes, lead guitar
  • Dennis Sheridan, bass and vocals
  • Nate Sturdevant, drums