The Children

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Children Stats
Children logo
Record Labels:
Started By:
Based In: Louisville
Largest show:  ? people
Last show: N/A
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: lots!

A six-peice long-form improvisational band that never seems to get the attention they deserve. Simliar to Can and other "Krautrock" bands, but unique for Louisville.

From Leo Beat:

"In their own words... The Children are a fine mix of instrumental groove music and rock music. At the root is the deep reggae bass attached to a tight danceable rhythm. Woven throughout this are layers and textures provided by hypnotic guitars, thick organ vibratos, and sax lines that you could imagine Maceo Parker playing if he was floating through Space lost in some other Universe. If you haven�t been to a Children show yet, do yourself a favor and check them out. The live show is the only true way to experience and feel the power of the music."



Contact Information:

Tyler Trotter 1328 Lexington Rd. Louisville, KY (502) 797-7204