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The Mercury Paw existed in the same spot on Main Street as the old Zodiac Club in the late 90s. Not lasting long (1999-2 000), one feature of the place was a catwalk coming out from the stage. Local punk band Blacklisted played it's last show with "Dirty" Dave Johnson on vocals in the Mercury Paw (Jan. 1999). While playing, Johnson set his crotch on fire, ended the set, and a month later played the very first show with the Glasspack (Feb. 1999).

I'm sorry, but no one wants a list of bands to have played there, cause it would be incredibly long. That being said, a list of bands can be found below. Tons of great locals and outside of town folks played too.

What matters most is that Mia was amazing and should be sainted for putting up with so many rock assholes and arranged this nice little venue for a few years from 1998 or so 2001 or so. They did have a catwalk that was funny. Jon Cook was the bartender and Steve Thornton also co-ran the place and was a good chap. Will Hancock ran sound for the most part as well. Sean Garrison did the door man/bouncer tasks and "Dirty" Dave Johnson cleaned the puke and nasty toilets up everyday. They did a TON of great shows, but I know I missed a lot due to just not knowing about it. It seemed advertising was done by word of mouth more than flyer. I remember a particularly sad early show where Joan of Arc played to like, me and my friend Brian in early 1999 maybe? Nevertheless, I'm sure everyone missed at least a few amazing shows there.

It was also 21+ which was a shame. I only got in cause Mia was nice to me cause I played there so much. It was a definite bummer that it was a bar with the age rules.

Mia had other spaces in the block that had shows. Washington St. still has shows from time to time apparently and is a beautiful space but sound wise is terrible. Great for art shows. Below is a dirty little spot where Parlour would practice for a few months, a strip club with poles and shit, dirty and fun. The Thrones, the Glasspack, and Orange Telephone played a show down there I know. the Glasspack and Without Further Ado played a party for Jimmy Levan's Metal Bikes down there which packed it. Strike City and King Kong did as well for Chad Castetter's birthday once I think. It was a neat place cause it had mirrors and the poles and stuff. An entertaining atmosphere for sure.

- Connor

Louisville bands to play there:

Out of town bands:

  • At the Drive-In
  • Blue Tip
  • The Frogs
  • Melt Banana
  • Dirty Three
  • The Make up
  • Man or Astroman