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The Pucknation started off as a comic-book/movie/music fanzine by Puckett during his highschool years at Ballard. While there was a low print run of the original magazine, it became a much-talked about hit throughout the school. As costs got higher, the magazine shut down until Puckett went to college at Western KY University. Along with his roomate, Brad Vertrees, he met his soon to be 2nd-in-command (Bryan Volz) and the magazine took flight. Filled w/ irreverent rants and ravings as well as comic reviews, faux-advice columns, and movie reviews, the magazine became a smal time hit again.
By the end of the school year, the entire cast of Western University kids had relocated back to Louisville, and the magazine hit another stopping point. Costs were again rising, and there was little in the way of revenue to keep it going. Around that point, the magazine went digital and took it's current home on the internet at In 2001, it officially changed it's name to pucknation dot com.

Staff over the years:

Pucknation releases: