The Rudyard Kipling

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'The Rud' is owned by Ken Pyle and has housed many shows and events over the years. Ken has a genuine, heartfelt appreciation for all types of music. 'The Rud' has many different types of food and rinks, including many Kentucky favorites. Most shows at this venue are 21+, however, there have been a couple of all-ages events there over the years, including 2 Black Cross shows (one of which was Rob and Becca Pennington's wedding reception which also saw a reunion by Big Wheel). A bulk of their shows are indie rock bands. the Glasspack is also known for bringing a lot of national hard rock acts to the Rudyard Kipling. The Rudyard Kipling also hosts plays, political meetings, drag shows, and just about anything short of a metal show, and even a couple of those.

Location: 422 West Oak St.

Phone Number: 502-636-1311

Louisville bands to play here:

(inter)National acts that have played here:

  • The Frogs
  • Nebula
  • Gaza Strippers
  • Lucero
  • Melt Banana
  • Chamberlain
  • Easy Action
  • Mono
  • Rye Coalition
  • Pilot Round The Sun
  • The Vets
  • The Kenmores
  • Apes
  • Invincible Czars
  • Whitman
  • Recovery Period