The Sleep Chamber

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The Sleep Chamber was a short lived youth hostel/venue during 2003. It was located on Washington St., with the back yard opening into the Flood Wall. You could see the skatepark from the back door, as that is what was right on the other side of the flood wall. The place was established to give out of town skaters a place to crash and bathe for cheap. It made little money, and was run by someone with little business sense. It wasn't a great venue either, as there was no PA, you had to run an extention cord from inside (bands almost always played outside on the 10'X5' concrete portch), and there was frequently noone watching the walkway on the side of the building that most people entered, or along the flood wall, where many people who didn't want to pay entered. Still, many had good times there.

The venue became overwhelmed after 953 Clay got shut down, and recieved numerous complaints from neighbors about shows and other problems. When the police shut down the Chamber as a place to do shows, The Courier Journal also reported that they were under investigation for teenage prostitution, theft (they were already busted once for stealing ice or something from their neighbors), underage drinking, and a mess of other things. Most people attributed the police involvement with tips from the skate shop across the street (The Adrenaline Zone). The Sleep Chamber closed a month or two after they stopped having shows.

Although the above might be partially BS, because the Courier Journal only mentioned the Sleep Chamber once, in a glowing review of it a few weeks after it opened.

Bands to play there:

Out Of Towners:

  • As Hope Dies
  • Cursed
  • Dead City
  • Light The Fuse And Run
  • Marathon
  • Spitalfield
  • Sinai Beach
  • The Last Will Be The First
  • Transistor Transistor
  • Nakatomi Plaza