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Since the early ninety's, and up until the birth of his first daughter Eva in 1999, Thommy was very involved with the local punk and hardcore scene. Thommy went to Ballard high school and in his Freshman and Somphomore years was known to run around with the guys from Dybbuk, Lather, Sancred and Shut Out. In his junior year of high school him and Ramsey Grissom would frequently hang out with the members of Enkindel and go to their band practices. After one show when their drummer (Aaron Baumle) didn't show up Thommy was asked to replace him. Ramsey quickly joined the band on bass after that as well when Corey Roderer quit. The rest is history.

Nowadays Thommy spends his time as a father, husband and Web designer. He runs a small web design company and still manages to play out every so often.


Involved in

  • LPSA - The Louisville Pick-up Soccer Association
  • Initial Records - Thommy helped sign such acts as Boy Sets Fire, Ink & Dagger & Despair

Fun facts