Thrown Brick

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Run by Jamie Prott since 2001, this label/distro has put out a couple of CDs and vinyl releases. Originally started as a full-time benefit project for the BRYCC House when Jamie and some other volunteers donated a bunch of their old records to sell at shows and put out a Benefit Cd. Jamie Miller was working in the Brycc office one day and asked what he should call the benefit project in the treasury books. Jamie P. replied with the first thing that came to mind, "I dunno, "Thrown Brick?"" What it meant, no one really knew, but it definitely sounded like it should be a label putting out incoherant peace punk records. When Brycc fell apart, Jamie kept the label going to keep busy and attempt to stay sane. A few releases later, a long break, and then a resurgance, Jamie decided to ditch the name and change it to Brightskull Records.

Worker bees:



  • Blue Collar Revenge Theory CD
  • Kodan Armada/Montcalm split 7"
  • Operation:Cliff Clavin "who needs electricity? CD
  • Ann Beretta "the other side of the coin" reissue CD
  • Ayin - Nothing Islands CD
  • Ayin rock n roll killed my baby 7"