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It takes it's name from the Us Vs. Them record store that survived in Louisville in the mid-90s. It chose this name as a throwback to Louisville history as well as perfectly summing up the magazine's attitude towards mainstream society... Hardcore/Punk/Indie Rock kids vs. the world.

Issue One

Issue One cover

Featured a really bad Louisville hardcore trivia crossword puzzle (the program used wasn't registered, so it inserted "Please Register" instead of putting some of the clues), a list of classic hardcore bands and a list of "bringin' it back" bands for new kids or old kids that just never got turned on to those bands, a plea for help in regards to Adele Collins, an explanation of Straight Edge by Al Barrille of Boston's SSD, an poorly-written article about how to avoid scene drama, and photos of By The Grace Of God from Bloomington Fest 1999.