Drifts Get Deeper

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DGD Stats
Drifts logo
Record Labels: Closed Casket
Started By: Jeremy Holehan & Denny Gray
Based In: Louisville
First show: 1998
Largest show: 600+ people
Last show: 2000
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 8

Drifts Get Deeper formed in 1998. When Jeremy Holehan, Denny Gray, and Jason Lyvers wanted to play music that was closer to the kind of music they were listening to . In the late 90's Hardcore was still the most most widely recieved genre of music in Louisville. However - bands like Texas is the Reason, & The Promise Ring came to Louisville & inspiring Drifts Get Deeper to be formed out of the local hardcore scene. DGD practiced for a year above Ground Zero before they're first show with Braid ,Boliermaker, & The Aasee Lake at Big Rock Park . DGD & Aasee Lake practiced two doors down from eachother , & conversations about where & how to record the songs were asked of Duncan Barlow. With Duncans assistance DGD went to Herb Simiral's Outer Limit's Studio. Herb & Duncan produced the 6 song EP which later would go on to be released by Duncan's label Nerd Rock Records. After various line-up changes , & guest guitarist, DGD played their final shows in 2000 in Louisville with Red Sun at Pandamonium , & in Memphis TN, at a college festival .

Played shows with : Braid, Avail, At the Drive-In,Burning Airlines,Ousia,The Sea Side Panel, The Lapse, Blue Tip,Out.,Christiansen, Error Type 11, Six Going on Seven,Firesign, Tender Blindspot, Onslaught, & The National Acrobat,

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