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Instant Camera was formed in early 2001 by Neil Dey and Ryan Simons. With Billy Bisig on drums and Axel Cooper on bass the first version lasted less than a year. Billy left to go on to greatness with Irina, Telavet and that band with Will Hancock that sounded like Alice in Chains. He was replaced by Bobby Conzelman, formerly of Cortez and Pop Venture. This lineup recorded a single, the tracks of which ended up on the comps listed below. Matt Langley later joined in on guitar and Axel and Bobby eventually left to be replaced by Eric and Mark. They recorded their record in the summer of 2004 with Jason Hayden(Louisville punk guru) at his Playground studios. In late 2005 Mark left to pursue cycling and experimental double bass rock and roll. Richard Viers, of Wino and College Rock Juggernaut DIGBY, stepped in to cement the version of the group we now know as legends.




  • The Mother Lodge "The Caretaker" (Neil, Axel, Bobby, Ryan)
  • Bloody Comp "These City Lights" (same lineup as above)


  • Instant Camera Silkscreen Lounge Chair and Umbrella set (2002 Rare)