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Dirt One was a band active in the mid-90's in Louisville. Their sound combined 60's style surf rock with heavier funk bass and drums. Members later on went to be in My Morning Jacket.

From Louisvillenoise.com: Dirt One was a great band in Louisville during the mid to late 90's. A strange amalgam of surf, garage and geeky power pop, Dirt One were a favorite of the folks in and around the Shakin' Sheila/Noise Pollution camp. As the label transitioned from Shakin' Sheila Recordings into Noise Pollution over the Summer of 1997, Dirt One were a band that we intended to do a project with. Unfortunately Dirt One split up as band members left town for college. Members of the band went on to play in The Ghost Club, Les Debutantes, My Morning Jacket and J.Kessinger and The Verlaines. "Hardcore Love" and "Tim's a Priest" appeared on a Dirt One cassette that was released by the Ancient Order of Assassins label. The others are previously unreleased.

The first time they saw the The Blowup in Japanese they were reminded of themselves at that tender age.



  • Dirt One cassette, Ancient Order of Assassins, 1998