From Louisville Punk/Hardcore History

Louisville was set up in August of 2004. The site's original purpose was (as seen on to help promote bands in Louisville that are more influenced by Negative Approach than Hatebreed and Blink 182. Of course, some things just don't work out they way they were intended.

The site began with simple show listings , with an intention of bringing this WIKI-based History online. Once that was done, other formats of presenting information popped up, such as a flyer archive (which ended up with over 1000 flyers in.jpg and .gif formats), downloadable monthly mp3s, links to other history sites, the Kinghorse tribute page (which is still up) , and more.

As time went on, things were added such as a "merch" page which allowed the site to sell LHXC t-shirts, Ganthet 7"/CDs, and accept donations via paypal.

In keeping with tradition, the site saw as much drama associated with it as pretty much every other site in the city that had a similar "mission". Over the 3 years that the site was populated with information (well, more information than this History), there were threats of lawsuits, violence, and character assassination towards those involved. Which would be partially why the other sites closed up shop as well as this one. Practically no one that actively works on setting up shows, doing zines, doing shows sites, whatever, wants the drama that goes frequently goes along with such an ordeal.

After a CD-compilation of contemporary Louisville bands covering past Louisville bands fell through due to $ and lack of serious interest from the bands in the necessary time frame, the site became updated less and less, seeing the current bands page as well as the links pages removed. The mp3s section had also become derelict, with few hits and only occasional, bi-monthly updates. This partially has to do with several people expressing great dissatisfaction that their former bands music had been profiled. The "Scene Reports" section was also greatly impacted by a lack of updates, as bands stopped sending in information (yet still sent emails complaining of not enough "coverage" on the site). Many of these occurances, combined with a growing amount of trolls/spam cleanup work on the forums, much less interest in the type of music that most Louisville bands were playing at the time, and a desire to focus on things other than promoting bands he didn't care about drove Bryan to leave most of the site dead around January 2007. Ryan Patterson stepped in and provided an Auxiliary Records forum to fill the gap.

About 6-7 months later, the site was revived, and has stood pretty much as-is since then, with an addition of a new Shows calendar in 2010, as well as a short-lived store section selling LHxC shirts and more. Hopefully 2011 will see a slew of updates/upgrades and design changes as well as better interaction with other social media sites for an easier user experience.

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