Pocket Bomb

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Pocket Bomb Stats
Record Labels: Brightskull Records, Daydream Records, Thrown Brick
Started By: Dylan Prott, Zach Willenbrink, Pawl Schwartz
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 500+ people
Last show: 11-19-05 @ Keswick. w/ The Kodiaks, My Finest Hour, Swish,
Reunion show: N/A

Pocket Bomb started out as a stripped down, cute pop punk band. Playing covers of Blink 182 and Violent Femmes, and appealing to all of the youngin's. They put out a first Demo, featuring five songs, recorded d-i-y style, and got rid of hundreds of them. After a few recording fiasco's (one of which produced the Pocket Bomb/Ayin split Cassette), they finally settled down with Chris Owens of Headbangin' Kill Yo Momma Music and recorded Intentions, the twelve song full length on Brightskull Records.

They were around from November, 2003 until November 2005, playing shows anywhere between 10 kids and 500 kids, being known as the only "Dance Party Punk" band in Louisville, their intense battles against tuning, and refusing to play on stages. It was all in good fun though. In summer of 2005, they went on a 12-day tour, hitting as far as Washington, DC.

November 19th, 2005 they played their last show, right before they changed their musical style leaning unto more of a creative, technical, noisy, DC influenced indie/punk. They changed their name to Go Static.




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