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Primizee's was a pizza place in Theatre Square in downtown Louisville (4th Street just north of Broadway). They held shows almost weekly or bi-weekly the entire time between 1996-1998.

The place had a small stage area in the back of the resturaunt, which actually wasn't so much a stage as it was a pit. There was a 3 stair drop from the main area to the place where the band played. It made for an interesting reversal in the normal show watching routine.

The venue was owned by a weasel bastard named Charlie who routinely stiffed the bands on the door. A frequent trick was to visit the door every 30 minutes or so, say he needed change and would bring the money back, walking off with a couple of 20s. When he returned, he would do the same thing, but not bring any money back. At the end of the night, there'd be 20 bucks left, and he'd claim that as his share. At one show with No More Authority, Charisma Society, and Spite 36, he had one of his emplyees watch the door, tell the kid that booked it that they were closing and Charlie would be outside in a few minutes to pay everyone... well, the kid and the bands sat outside for 2-3 hours until the employees actually came out, and told us that Charlie had left through the back door. The bands put up with it because they weren't in it for money at all, they just wanted to play no matter what.

The place's history as a venue pretty much came to an end in 1998 during the winter... Charlie had booked a show with Red Sun and Bodyhammer, among others. There was a pretty bad ice/snow storm that morning, and the city was quite a mess. Tons of kids showed up that night to a completely dark restaurant. No one had recieved a call from Charlie letting them know that the show was cancelled, and he ended up with red paint all over his windows and doors. Not long after that, he had a hip hop show where someone had made a mistake in booking, and there were MCs there representing both the Bloods and the Crips. Before the end of the show, there was a riot, with broken furniture, people pretty damn injured, and the whole place a mess. Luckily, it was captured on video and put on Public Access, so all the punks could laugh at Charlie.

Charlie tried to have shows again in 2003 to boost his income, but no one would go through that mess again, and the place closed down.

Bands that played there:

Out of town bands :

  • Appelseed Caste
  • Boxcar
  • Monorchid
  • The Jerkoffs