Sell Out Louisville Style

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Sell Out Louisville style was kind of the "Slamdek Radio Hour", or would have been, had Slamdek not ceased operating around the time of it's start. Running for 46 weeks on "105.1 Q-2" (WQNF), Scott Ritcher loaded the show with "Punk, Hardcore, and Indie Rock" (the show's catchphrase), interspersed with (often) hilarious segments with guests of the evening. One of the greatest shows was the Kinghorse episode where Sean Garrison prompted listeners to "Stop climbing on the ceiling like at the Seam show, and go out and do something useful... make some art, or turn over cars and pee on something". Good times.

The show came to an abrupt end, as the night that Episode 46 aired, Scott was informed upon arrival to the station that the show was to be cut from an hour to a half hour, he could not have guests on the program anymore (WAIT! HE JUST TALKED!), and the other local music program (which played everything from King Kong to crappy Phoenix Hill bands) had also been cut to a half hour. Citing a lack of interest on the radio stations part in that kind of music, and saying that punk should be kept underground (and that there would be an easier time of it without that show), Scott announced that Episode 46 would be the last episode of Sell Out Louisville Style. There is a pretty good section in Slamdek A To Z about the radio program. Go buy the book and check it out.