Blue Collar Revenge Theory

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BCRT Stats
Bcrt tour byella.jpg
Record Labels: Thrown Brick
Started By: Tony Ash, Jeff Brinkworth, Jonah O'Neil
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: app. 400 people
Last show:  ?
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 9

Blue Collar Revenge Theory began in June of 1998 when four friends decided that that particular summer would be much more fun if they spent it writing and playing the punk/hardcore music they loved. After playing its first show to unprecedented praise, the band became more of a serious endeavor...eventually child carrier being among the first bands to record at the now defunct In Transit Studios (the results of which comprise the s/t CD documented below). BCRT, through numerous lineup changes, went on to play numerous shows in Louisville and elsewhere to highly receptive audiences between 1998 and 2002, including a memorable show in Chicago, Illinois where the band was nearly arrested after a night of hallucinogens and breaking and entering. Through it all though, BCRT emphasized the priority of substance over image, individuality over herd mentality, standing up for yourself, and making the best out of a shitty situation.

Taking cues from a wide variety of influences, BCRT's music was all over the board. From traditional hardcore to moody indie rock, from frenzied punk to all-out metal, from subtle melody to brutal noise, and everything in between...these were all elements of the band's trademark sound.

Members have gone on to Coliseum, Redhanded, Nixon, Three Nails For A False Prophet, The Royalty, Thaedra, Haywire Act, The Radiant Child, and numerous other projects.

(There is an unreleased 2001 recording featuring the fourth lineup floating around somewhere.)

Members:<br /> Lineup 1:

Lineup 2:

Lineup 3:

Lineup 4:

Lineup 5:





  • silverware buttons: crossed fork and spoon with "BCRT" in red. white backgrounds.
  • bomb shirt (suit type with bomb strapped to his chest) one sided, black ink on white ss tee
  • spilled bottle (glass bottle spilling liquid with name mispelled) black on green ss tee
  • heroinn guy (sketch of passed out guy in chair dropping syringe) white on black ls/ss tee
  • devil shirt (devil from Heartattack! zine in a box with name in cursive) ss tee on dark red
  • tree (tree with band name) ss
  • kid in school (kid at desk with head done and name on front, back has the Whitehouse Records logo with a drawing of Adam White playing guitar) white on black ss tee
  • tree sticker (same as shirt)
  • long band name sticker (crackhouse font)
  • assortment of paper stickers with Kathe Kollwitz art