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Welcome to the History help page. Please let us know if there are any subjects which you would desire to see on this page.



Other FAQ

  • What if someone writes slander about me?
    • The history is moderated and each submission is checked for content that is not allowed. the software enables a "Rollback" to a previous version of a page if the page's content is altered in a substantially bad way. no information is lost. This is not a message board, and usage as such will lead to people's expulsion from the project.
  • Why aren't I listed?
    • You are not listed because:
    • A)You have not been involved in a band, zine, or organization, have not booked shows, etc... This is not intended to foster a belief that you only count if you are in a cool band or know the right people, but intended to catalog people that have had an impact on the "scene". Part of punk rock and hardcore is action (in our eyes), so do it. Don't complain.
    • B)You have done at least one of the above but no one has added you yet. Feel free to add yourself by visiting one of the pages you are involved with or the People section.
  • Why is logging in so stressed?
    • Logging in to add/edit entries is stressed because it is much easier to keep track of entries. In the previous version of this history that was found on Society Of No's old website, there were some people that were making entries with bad information and writing untrue/unfair things about people. Since they had logged in, we were able to contact them and let them know that stuff like that would not be tolerated, or if it was minor, to let them know what the problem was. It also allowed people to keep an eye on other entries that were made so any future problems could be resolved/removed.

In addition, wiki sites such as this one are frequently targeted by spammers and spambots. We want the information held here to be helpful to future punk/hardcore/indie generations, not helpful for those looking to peddle their wares. Enforcing login rules helps keep the spammers out and the information more reputable (well, as reputable as a wiki can be).



  • <b>Titles:</b>

For titles, using <pre><b>title</b> or <strong>title</strong></pre> seems to work pretty well. If you want to divide a section up into different parts (the software will automatically make a table of contents box), use: <pre>==Title One==<pre>


Formatting pages

For pre-made band/release/lyric templates, clikc Here.

In the body area, just write whatever you want, following previously set guidelines... write the history of the band, the track listing and liner notes of the record, the lyrics of the song... write what all the person has done while involved in punk/hardcore/indie rock and make links to their bands. Whatever, just don't write idiot bullshit.

Links are far easier to make on this MediaWiki software than in normal HTML code. to make a link, take a word - say, Kinghorse, and put brackets around it like so: <pre> Kinghorse </pre> And now you have a link to Kinghorse's page. You have to be careful with paying attention to capitalization and cases, as the software is case sensitive with everything but the first letter of the link. Meaning that the K in Kinghorse can be lowercase and work fine, but the O in Of and S in Sundays in Month Of Sundays must be capitalized in order to go to their page. It's annoying, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Due to this, there are a great number of duplicate pages, so make sure to use the search feature on the left hand control panel to make sure there isn't already a page on say, Out. before you make one entitled OUT.

The Wikipedia] site has a lengthy HELP section that goes much further in depth, and is greatly reccomended for those that will be making a large number of edits.

  • <b>Lyrics:</b>

If you are going to add a band's lyrics, please put who they were written by, and a link to their name if possible. Bands/vocalists retain all copyrights to lyrics and whatnot, but it needs to be clear.

  • <b>Releases:</b>


band name: release name
release name
Record Label: label name
Recorded By: input name
Released:  ????
Out of Print:  ????
Formats: type formats (CD/7"/12"/cassette) and quantity made

</pre> Good examples of this are the Endpoint release pages.

  • <b>Shirts/Merch:</b>