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LAVA-the Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art

“LAVA, the Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art, is an artist collective focused on building a stronger community through networking organizations and creative individuals at the grassroots level to carry out positive social change. LAVA is headquartered at the LAVA House, an urban post-industrial warehouse converted into an artist’s live/work space. The LAVA House is a venue dedicated to supporting underground arts and music, providing an institution to foster and preserve the right of creative expression. LAVA encourages independent thought, and embraces diversity to enrich our community through participation in the arts.”- LAVA Mission

“…we are dedicated and passionate emerging artists working together in a cooperative environment on very little resources. We have had a steady presence in the underground arts and music scene and have facilitated an environment that serves as a creative incubator for all forms of artistic expression: visual, musical, writing, performance, etc… We are trying to blur the lines and divisions between the different art mediums.” -H.J.

A warehouse down a back alley in Germantown (Shelby Pkwy) up against the train tracks. Has been used as an artspace for about half a decade (Summer 2001). They did art shows and music shows of various genres from 2001 to 2004, but were prohibited from further doing so due to noise complaints and fire-code violations.

There was a "new" satellite LAVA space in Louisville's Portland neighborhood at 34th and Northwestern Pkwy. At the time, the old studios were still open, occupied in Germantown.

Gone into the atmosphere. 62,020,800 minutes of life -- it took 45 minutes to die. The 17,000 sf LAVA House met a tragic death in early 2008 by way of a mammoth 140 foot fire. With it died Mr. Bill Christie, Helvis the dog, hundreds of works of art, tens of thousands of dollars of art-making equipment and materials, a few peoples' living situations and a way of life for a dozen people and many friends.

Founded by Aron Conaway , Bart Herre

Members, Renters, Hangers on include(d):

  • Aron Conaway
  • Bart Herre
  • Hallie Jones
  • Chad Hayes
  • Thalon Hubbel
  • Shannon Stelzer
  • Joe Barlund
  • Willie Tash
  • Greg Martin
  • Chad Hord
  • Ari Pani
  • Bill "Dog Ass" Christie
  • Thomas Brown
  • Eric Clark
  • Dave Fry
  • Kristin Shelor
  • Michelle Glasnovic
  • Chad Balster
  • Emily Ritter
  • Chris Chappell

Bands who played there(Germantown):